This is a site dedicated to the 1985-86 Dodge Omni GLH-Ts. Moreover my 86' GLHT. My goal is to cronicle the adventures of my Omni, and give as many pictoral how tos as possible to help others keep their cars alive. Please feel free to send pics, writeups, how-tos and videos of your GLHs in action and I will put them on the site. I will try to rotate pictures of submissions on the home page every month. Send submissions to

My Omni: The Black Death
Spearco IC install
Nippondenso Alternator Install
EGT installation
Hybrid turbo intsallation
TU fuel rail installation
TII Radiator inatallation
16: Rad Fan
A guide to making cusom LM Cals
A guide to making cusom SBEC Cals
12 Button Navagator installation
Performance Upgrades
Put an SRT4 IC in your TD