My Omni GLH-T: The Black Death
This page is dedicated to my Omni, which I have dubbed the black death due to the fact that family and friends are of the belief that this car will be the end of me.

I got the car in August of 04' and it went like hell. The car was converted to TII status by swapping in a drivetrain and IC setup out of an 87 TII Daytona. The current condition of my car is pretty good.\ I have finished with my intercooler installation, which required many modicfications for it to work properly. The installation of my hybrid turbo was much the same, however it was worth all the work, as the car is putting out much more power than it was before at a much lower RPM, and it must be in a more effecient fashion. The following is a list of the mods the car has thus far, along with other facts and figures.
9/2/6 I have pulled out the motor and trans to change the clutch masters stage II clutch which could not handle the 15lbs of boost for too long. It started slipping the first summer I got the car, but it is just now getting changed out. I have decided to go with a 4 puck ceramic disk and HD PP from TU. I had one similar to it in my shadow, and it held up great.

Black Death Stats

Car is said to have run a best of 12.72 with a S60 turbo that was on the car.
I now have a T3/T4 hybrid turbo with a 50trim compressor wheel in a TO4E housing. It has a stage II wheel in a .63 turbine housing.
Head ported by a TDer in Canada. Bowls and ports cleaned up, no chamber work, and stock valves. 88' TBI roller cam installed which I like much more than the FM505 cam which was in the car last summer.
Spearco FMIC
TII motor from 87' Daytona 24K origional miles on it thus far
New A555 Trans with chromemoly endplate
52PPH injectors and AFPR
TSW wheels with Dunlop P205/50ZR15 tires
87' TII electronics running my own custom cal based off of Geoff Alen's awsome blueberry code. Check it out at
Radiator from 87' TII tona sans intercooler to provide clearance for IC piping