Nippondeno Alternater Install
This page will detail the proper way to install a denso alt. in your omni, so you cont have to make 4 trips to the junk yard, and hack apart every style tensioner that chrysler put in these cars. It will save a bunch of space under the hood. It allowed me to move my spearco IC over enough to make a nice smooth transition into and out of the IC. It is also a much better quality alt. by all accounts.

Here is a shot of the bosch alternator that came in our cars. They were 90 amps, and did a pretty decent job. However, the ND alts, came in 90, 120, and even 160 amp variations, and they take up much less space! I have been told that the ND alts are far super

Here is a shot of both style alternators to show the size difference between the two.

Here is a shot of the alternator tensioners that I cut up every which way but loose while trying to get the ND on there. USE THE ONE ON THE RIGHT! You will need the long water pump bolt with the stud on it for this tensioner to bolt up properly, so make sure you grab it when you get it from the JY.

Here is a shot of the ND alt. from the top. It might not be that apparent, but it made all the difference in space for my IC, and it is said to me a much higer quality alt. For $42 I picked up the alt. and for another $15 I picked up a newer style water pump/housing which it turns out I would not have even needed. I will need to figure out which style of belt to run for my application however, as I am also running an underdrive pulley, so I will need a shorter belt. THe stock belt is said to work however.

UPDATE: I had some trouble getting the alt to work properly when I put it in the car. After doing some research,' I discovered that the ND alt my indeed require upgrading the wire that goes from the alt. output to the + battery terminal. This would most certainly be true for the 120 and up amp. models. My car would not charge, and I believe it to be due to a blown fusable link. The general consesus is to solve the problem by running a wire directly from the alt. to the + battery terminal. This is what I did. I used a 4ga. wire that I had lying around in conjunction with some fancy battery posts off of my old tunderbird TC. Everything is much neater under the hood now, and the voltage is better than it has ever been. Also, the belt I used ened up being a much shorter 23" 4 rib belt. This alows for the proper tension on the belt while sill clearing the IC.