GLHT Performance

There are already many pages that will tell how to get more power from a Turbo Dodge. However the different body style of the Omni, which, along with the Charger/Turismo, and Rampage, is the smallest of them all.

Check out the Dodge Garage for all sotts of performance tips, and tricks to get these cars to perform.


There is very little room in the front of an omni for an IC. There is even less room if you want to keep the AC. Should you choose to keep the AC, the best way to go is to mount an IC/rad combo out of an 87' or 88' TII Daytona. This is also a great first IC for your newly converted TII project. You will need to drill out the spot welds on one of the mounting tabs for the rad, and move it about 2" over to the right, or you could make a bracket like I did on my Rad page. Should you decide to ditch the AC, and some weight too, you will be open to many more options. REgardless of which way you decide to go, the TII rad will be beneficial for routing the IC piping with the least ammount of work.