TII rad installation
A great upgrade for the omni is the TII conversion, which allows the car to be intercooled. This was already done to my omni when I purchased it and that was an added bonus. The most common IC that I read about people putting in their omnis is the rad/IC combo out of an 87/88 TII daytona. As I understand it there is only a two inch difference in width between the GLHS rad/IC combo, and that of the daytona. There is also a physical difference in the angle of the upper IC outlet which is really no big deal at all.

One problem that many people have when running this setup is that it comes so very close to the alternator, and it does not use the stock rest on the passenger side of the car. The latter can be easily addressed by grinding off the mount and welding it back on two inches over.

Since I now have my Spearco IC mounted in the car, I removed the IC from the brackets to allow the pipes to pass through, and decided to move the rad over a bit toward the dirvers side of the car to make more room for the alt.

Here is a view that shows the difference in length of the bottom IC bracket which I trimmed to move the rad over a little bit while still allowing the IC piping to pass through on the drivers side of the car.

This is where I drilled the 1/4in. hole in the bottom IC bracket so that I could bolt it into the stock mounting location.

This is what the whole metal bar that I used for a bracket looks like with the hole for the passenger side rad rubber, and the two holes for the 1/4 in. bolts to pass through. The one in the left of the pic is already intalled and tightened down, as it will not be acessable with the rad on top of it.

Here is the drivers side rad mounted with the bolt holding it in place on the bottom.

The underside of the passenger side. You can see the rubber piece sits quite nicely in place while the bolt stops things from moving around.

Here is a shot of the final product. The stock mounting tabs on the top had to be trimmed so that they are a plain C shape, and the Upper IC bracket was bent a little bit to provide more tension for the upper mount. It looks very nice over all, and as you can see below it makes much more room for the alt, than the 2 nanometers of space I had last year.