SBEC calibrations
SBEC cals will require the following:

Qty: 1 M87C257 chip $6.30+ S&H
Qty: 1 Low profile ZIF socket for ease of removal $9.43+ S&H
Qty: 1 Willem enhanced burner $54.99+ S&H
Qty: 1 Germicidal/ UV-C ligtbulb. $17.99+ S&H Some would suggest that a toothbrush holder etc. might work. It probably won't so just skip it and spring for the bulb!
Qty: 1 18" flourecent lightbulb fixture. $9.99 at local hardware store.

That is all that is really needed to get going. Obviously, you might want to pick up 3-4 chips so that you can keep going while you erase other chips. The process for socketing the SBECs is pretty well doccumented, but I can't seem to find a link to that right now. You will need to cut off the rubber on the lower right portion of the board above the chip that you will be removing. Make sure to keep what ever you are using to actually cut it away from the surface of the board or that could cut some traces and cause much frustration. Once you have made your initial cut you will have to get the rest of it off without damaging the board. I have read of people putting a little plastic brush wheel on a dremel to do this, others have used chemicals etc. Basically whatever you think will take it off of the board without damaging the traces is the key. I know some people also use plastic handled toohbrushes that have been sharpened up to do this too. once you have the chip exposed, you can use your desoldering iron to desolder it, and then solder in your socket.

Here is a pic of the cleaned up board, and another which shows the chip installed in the correct direction.

The following is how to burn the chips.

Step 1:
YOu will have to burn and read your chip as a 27c256 in the willem program, but it will work. Setup your switch accordingly. 1,2,5,6,8,9 ON. 3,4,7,10,11,12 OFF.

Step 2:
Verify that the chip is blank. If not, put it under the germicidal light until it is.

Remeber that although it may look cool, the light is harmful to your skin and eyes in a very serious way! Don't look at it or let it shine on you. The cover that comes with the bulb should hopefully block out the rays since they can't travel through glass etc. That is why the bulb is quartz rather than glass.

Step 3:
Load and burn binary.

Step 4:
Select the verify command so that the chip will be compared to the bin you just loaded to confirm that it worked.

That is really all there is to it. HOME