Spearco IC in my GLHT

This page will hopefully detail the installation of a spearco Ic in an omni GLH-T.

I first removed the grill to expose the front rad support. I then removed the TII rad from the car and took the IC off of it, but left the brackets attached to the rad. This will allow for a nice path for the pipes to travel through.

As you can see by this picture, I used my dead blow hammer to beat out the front of the rad support as to allow clearance for the IC between the rad and the rad support. Not were I cut the rad support near the top to allow it to bow out more. I also had to beat it vigorusly at the bottom to get that section to bow out more. The IC fits very well infront of the rad now.

This view shows where I cut away the support on the passenger side of the car to allow the IC to move farther to that side. I am trying to make the transition into and out of the IC as smooth as possible. The battery would require a very sharp bend of less than 90* should the IC not be moved over. Note also how the alternator is too close to the support to alow the IC to go any farther toward the pass side. I am hoping that the Nippondenso alternator which should bolt right on the 86' GLH-Ts will be small enouh to allow the IC to travel farther to the pass side. I believe that it will from some of the preliminary measurements that I took off of another car with this style alt. The differeence between the bosch and the nippo in size is quite a bit. Also the nippo puts out many more amps as I understand it.

This picture shows the final phase of my rad support cutting. I have removed all possible metal on the left side while allowing for the grill to bolt up still. Note also that I did install the ND alternator in the car, and as I thought it does allow for a great transition into and out of the Spearco IC.

I used threaded rod to attach the IC to the rad support. I also used a pice of metal from home depot to attach the lower part of the IC to the center section of the support. It is firmly in place, and it seems as though the alt. seems to have enough space.

Here is picture of the final installation of the IC in the car. It loks pretty clean for the ammount of cutting that was involved in the process. The piping will work just the way I had intended.

Here is the upper pipe that I used to plumb in my IC. There is a 2 1/4" heavy duty rad hose straight section that you can pick up at napa coming off of the TB, and jambed on the 2 1/2" aluminum pipe that goes to my 90* mandrel bend into the IC. The clamps are a bit over sized, but I am holding off on the T bolt claps for now.

I used some 2" 90* rad hose bends that I picked up at napa with a 2" straight piece of steel to connect them then I used a 2-2.5" silicone transition to go into the lower 2.5 in. aluminum IC pipe. It attaches to the 90* aluminum bend just as the top IC pipe does.

This shows exactly how little room there is between the compressor outlet and the head. I ground the head per The dodge garage and there was still hardly any room for the rad hose to rit in there.

This view shows my grill which as seen much better days. There are several mounting tabs that are broken off, but it will still work pretty well once I am done with it. Due to beating the support out, the lower attaching the in the middle of the grill will not longer allow the grill to attach to the car. This was easily solved by cutting it off. The same thing needed to be done with the secrews that hold the emblem to the grill, and the top spacer piece of the grill.

This is a closer view of the grill, and you can see in better detail where it was cut.
NOTE: The grill had to be ground on the passenger side of the car to the point that it was very thin you will see that it did not affect the look when actually installed on the car.

Here is the view of the car with the IC now installed. it is pretty noticable from afar when viewed through the grill however at night, or from within 10 feet it is undetectable.

I was forced to break down and use hood pins due to the fact that beating out the front support for the rad caused the upper portion of the rad support to sag in the middle and not want to latch the hood. I am sure that I could have shimed up the hood latch, but that did not seem like the safest idea in the world. I did not like the idea of people being able to open my hood whenever they feel like it so I picked up the locking kind. They should keep the high school kids out alteast.